About Me

Well I don’t think too many of you will spend time reading this. So for all those who do…

A few key parts of my life are:

  • F1 Fanatic
  • Director of French Lodges www.frenchlodges.com
  • Industrial Electrical Engineer www.powerwatt.co.uk
  • Deputy Chair York Conservatives yorkconservatives.co.uk
  • Founder & Chair of York Conservative Policy Forum
  • Founder of York Conservative Future
  • York Neighbourhood Watch Secretary
  • North Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch Deputy Chair

One thought on “About Me

  1. Phyllis Elias (Peewitsunshine)

    Well, I read it and I just cannot imagine which is not true! Hahaha. I was a very active Young Conservative in my youth in Rotherham – a long long time ago! I was even on the Yorkshire Area Committee in those heady days, when we were going to change the world. What happened? Well, I’ve been a Conservative all my life and and the older I get the more I veer to the right – especially after the last disasterous 13 years under ‘That Lot’. I have also read a lot of your blog and congratulate you on it. It does my heart good to know that there are still young people who care about this country and for that I thank you. I feel the baton can be safely handed on. Oh yes, and I am also a big fan of F1, – not to mention fanatical about cricket. Yes, and I am an old(er!) lady.


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