Minimum pricing, how about clamping down on existing laws?

As it stands in England and Wales the alcohol minimum pricing is dead in the water. Scotland is going through a legal battle, but in the long run it is going to go ahead. The aims of this policy is to price out of the market the low earning heavy drinkers, as those who can afford will not worry about low priced drinks increasing. Ultimately to crack down on street drinking, antisocial behaviour and other drink related crimes on the crime aspect. On the other hand is the health aspect of over drinking.

My focus is on the clamping down on drink related crime. The minimum pricing policy quite simply will not help those who drink in pubs, bars and clubs.

Already there is the policy of fining those who serve alcoholic drinks to those who are drunk. Clearly this doesn’t happen, with virtually no fines in the last year. Also anyone who has been for a late night drink can see the visible evidence strewn across the streets in the form of drunks and violence, the hospitals also see no evidence as the beds are filled on weekends with drink related problems. If the existing Act was actually enforced it may well have the desired effect. What is the point of introducing another policy to curb heavy drinking and drink related crimes if the existing policy hasn’t been tried in day to day life?

This is a policy born of people who clearly have no set goals of what they want to achieve. As to think that minimum pricing would have a direct impact on the alcohol related crimes is a little bit naive and could only come from people without experience. Merely coming up with a policy to sound like they are doing something. As if they did want a clamp down then the current fining system of serving drunk people would be actively promoted and acted upon.


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