Lib Dems In Self Destruct Mode… Cockroaches and Nutters

As the Lib Dems enter their 25th Anniversary at their Spring Conference, it makes me wonder how they manage to get buy with their PR.

I have been quite vocal about the fact the Conservative Party need to become more like Labour when it comes to PR and how to publicise policies.

Tim Farron being trotted out as the spokesman for the party is the equivalent of someone like Nigel Farage being rolled out to defend the Conservative Party, their is a conflict of interest. Since 2010 when the Lib Dems realised they held the holy grail of power at Westminster, there have been winners and losers. My god the losers don’t like it.

The problem is that there seems to be a focus on the negatives, not on what they are trying to do to fix it. This isn’t good for the Party as a whole, but Tim Farron could become the most popular member of his grassroots party the more effort he gives into his negative campaigning… against his own party. The ones that are not coming out well in all this is all the other senior Lib Dems, yet still them let Tim Farron speak on most issues. A man who is not in the cabinet, who has been overlooked and has ambition.

The problem is, as I continually point out, negative campaigning results in one thing… losing trust of the voters. The problem here is that Tim Farron is focusing his negative campaign on the Lib Dem Party. This could end up with him focusing his efforts on getting a low turn out by his own party.

Maybe time for those responsible to hold their hands up, and maybe they start talking positively before Tim Farron becomes a leader of a minority party on a similar standing to the greens.


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