York Not In Running For City of Culture… Quelle Surprise?!

Ed Vaizey today unveiled those that are running for the 2017 UK City of Culture, York is not to feature.

It is no great surprise that a city of York’s standings is not to feature in this with the competition of Aberdeen, Chester, Dundee, Hastings and Bexhill on Sea, Hull, Leicester, Plymouth, Southend on Sea and a joint application from Portsmouth and Southampton. All very different cities, none as great as York, obviously.

However with the current actions from the City leaders and the City bureocrats it is never going to be able to have any culture. Many tourists love the fantastic range of street performers that add that extra little something to the City Centre and always gives a buzz around them. The other day with an army of public clipboard holders and 2 policemen they were on a mission to stop a very serious offence from happening. A busker had the audacity to offer CDs, not for sale, but in exchange for donations. Shocking to many I know that such crimes against humanity should be committed. If he wanted to sell CDs then he would have to pay a £40 fee for the privilege, nearly double what the market traders have to pay. Link To Article on Streetslive.

This doesn’t surprise me, when we have councillors trying to shape what kind of new business can be set up in the City Centre. When they say we need more shops being opened up rather than bars and restaurants maybe they should put their money where their mouths are? The real world is not some kind of social experiment; the powers that be should not be in a position to even suggest what is the ‘right kind of business’. There is a single factor that shows whether it is the right kind of business and that is the profits the business makes. If there is a demand, then offer a supply and this then brings to the city growth and ultimately jobs. The oft trotted out phrase that Ed Milliband likes to say on a loop  of  ‘Jobs & Growth’; will be solved. The City will thrive on it’s own without the interference from an army of clipboard holders, the only help the council should be giving is in cuts to start up costs for businesses.

At the very least the City of York should have been entered into the pot to be considered for the City of Culture. But for this to be a genuine thriving City of Culture, the council needs to back off and let the city just be. Be it from buskers to a cafe bar; York can sustain it all, without interference from elected and unelected officials.

EDIT It seems that the Council have taken it too far and revoked the buskers permit of Jonny Walker, all over a £40 tag for donations. York Press Link


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