Accountability of the Police and Crime Commissioner is the key aspect

The ethos behind the Police and Crime Commissioner is to have a single person who is both elected and accountable. They will come forward with a plan for their time in office, in the form of a manifesto. This will be formalised when put to a panel that will oversee the PCC. They can then be held to their plan and scrutinised using the panels.

The whole point of this is to have a single elected person who comes forward with their police and crime plan and then held to it. However the act states that the police and crime commissioner can appoint a deputy who can hold the exact same power that the commissioner will have.

Imagine an MP being elected and appointing a deputy to go to parliament, attend gatherings and discuss important policy implementation. All the while taking their hefty salary for what? For winning an election and then putting their feet up. This is a role that will take home a £70k a year salary and they don’t even have to turn up for a single event.

It is a shameful part of the act and is a loophole to get failed MP candidates into a high power, high paying job that is secure for a 5 year term after a high profile person wins an election for them. I do hope Lord Prescott won’t be doing this to his failure of a political son as rumors have implied . He is vying to be elected to a very high profile with very high responsibility job and it would be a disgrace to use an existing character to get someone else a shoe in.


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