Poverty In York, due to Tory Cuts… Brilliant Joke.

Today I had Councillor Sonja Crisp commenting on the fact that Tories are imposing cuts to deprived communities. So I thought rather than a Labour councillor hearsay we would look at some facts. This may be an alien concept to many of the Labour Cllr’s and especially those from York.

Shall we get started with the fact Poverty is not a traditional sense of Oliver Twist Victorian workhouse style poverty. That meaning no longer exists in modern politics. Poverty is now measured as relative, due to the problem of absolute poverty in the UK has long gone, with only a small number of people comparatively to the rest of the world. Relative income is those who earn below 60% of the median UK income. So unless we live in a communist utopia, then this will never be achieved.

We all know that the Tories only look after the rich, as that is where the money comes from. This opinion is clearly from someone who doesn’t attend the Conservative events around the country. Your average Conservative member is not a banker, it is more likely to be a baker or farmer. The Conservative core principle is less jobs for the boys and less tax to pay. After all I do not need a pilgrim to be paid by my taxes, that is what Union subs are for… no wait, they go to funding the Labour party. The tax payer funded Labour party. The sooner we think like the Spanish did recently, the better. So it is quite clear that Labour is the party to keep the old boys network running, at my expense.

The claims of Labours help during their time in office was one to ‘help the working class’. So much so that they treated those who live on full time benefits without even contemplating work, as ‘working class’. As someone who comes from a working class, contemplating living on benefits was looked down upon by all those earn their wage. The cutting of long term benefits is long overdue. In reality Labour did just enough to fool their voters into thinking they were great, they made it acceptable to live on state handouts, we are not talking a helping hand when unemployed, I mean those who live their life on my taxes. While all the time pumping money into those at the Top. Creating a far bigger divide between the rich and poor under their 13 years, although I would expect nothing less than that from Labour. Leaving the biggest gap since World War II.

So now we know why poverty has increased in the UK, it is relative and Labour have created the biggest gap between rich and poor.

Those on the bottom end have been bumbling along funded by benefits, there has been nothing over the past Labour tenure done to actually encourage people to go to work. I know many who will openly admit living on benefits as they can. I mix a lot with people from a mining background, if anyone was unsure how to claim more benefits then local pub was the best place to find out. If anyone doubts this then they have never been to a Working Men’s Club in South Yorkshire.

Locally last years figures said that 4,705 children in York were living in poverty. That comes in at 13% of the of the childhood population, startling headline grabbing figures. Until you read the national average is 21%. This is also relative and means that a single parent with 2 children has a household income of a little of £1000. This is not easy to bring 2 kids up on £1000 a month that is for sure. But that is enough to get by on.

The fact is you will always have figures like this unless you become the richest City in the country, then you just leave neighbouring towns and cities to have more poverty.

The reality is we need to get a real world sense of poverty. If you can’t afford the essentials to get by on, then you are living in poverty. If you can’t afford to take the kids to MacDonald’s twice a week then you certainly do not need my help.

The one problem she can focus on is the homeless in York, but then again I doubt she will regularly sit and talk to them to find out what is their problems. If Cllr Crisp would like to experience real poverty I am sure I can arrange something for her. She also should be looking more toward Labour for creating higher numbers for poverty, rather than looking to blame Tories.


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