Public Support Of Strikes… Some Exceptions Included

Since the Labour party are no longer in power the inevitable has happened and their paymasters are starting on their path to strike. However this time there is one big difference, people just don’t care.

The whole purpose of a strike is for it to cause disruption and for the public to show their support for the workers and be on their side. Even more so when not all the workers go on strike; willing to face the abuse that comes from the Union members on the picket line. When the public are not on your side and your co-workers are not on your side, then there really is no point to strike.

A prime example of this is the strike that has been arranged by the Unison members of the York Civil Enforcement Team, Traffic Wardens to layman like you and I who don’t have a degree in pointless job titles. They have decided to hang up their pads over stretching their working week from 4 days to 5 days, while still remaining on 37 hours, due to cutting down on the overtime hours costs. The union is claiming it will put ‘even more strain on the employees leading to sickness and stress levels rising and damage the service‘. I doubt this very much as many do already work the 5 days, but with one day as overtime and I hardly think working a 5 day week over a 4 day week is going to reduce you to gibbering wreck in need to take time off. Clearly the unions who decided this must have a screw loose if they think the public will support extended 4 days to 5 days and by Traffic Wardens of all people.

There is a huge amount of public support for the strike, as long as they remain on strike. The public as a whole do not want to see this issue resolved. There will still be a core staff who can carry out duties to a certain extent, but unlikely to be able to enforce their fine pads on too many people. So there wont be anarchy on the streets of York as there was in Aberystwyth when they decided to stop having traffic wardens. Whoever in Unison thought that the move for York Traffic Wardens to strike would be one that would force the hand of the council is clearly from a different planet.

This seems to be a common theme with strikes that are occurring a lot of far left leaders are heads of the unions and they have become so used to the gravy train that existed under labour, getting public funded to a huge degree on top of the subs meant that the top union bosses were living the life of Riley. With a personal hatred of the Tories many of the Union leaders are bringing a smorgasbord of strikes. The unions have such a low turnout in their elections it shows how little their own members care, the fact that they need the public to be on their side to work is simply not happening. The November strikes showed how much support their was for a 50% support of all members to go on strike.

If Union leaders no longer have the bargaining ability and no longer have the tools to enforce their demands and by default resorting to a strike, then maybe the unions running the pay negotiations is really the wrong way forward. They are simply not up to the job of supporting their members. Having rolling strikes from all industries does nothing but increase public hatred of the public services. They must focus on better ways to negotiate if they wish to move forward with their agenda.


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