York Council Fail To Plan For Retirement Of Executive

City of York Council are currently paying £3,000 a week for a temporary position as they failed to plan ahead for the Deputy Chief Executive retirement

Bill Woolley was the Deputy Chief Executive until 9th June 2012 at which point he took his generous retirement package leaving his post vacant. His retirement has not been a shock and many have known for several months when he was due to retire, most importantly the Council knew when he was due to retire. Normal practice would have been to locate a replacement with a hand over period, as any sensible organisation would do to plan ahead.

Instead an interim director of city and environment services, Neil Taylor, is receiving a rather generous payment of £3,000 per week through a recruitment agency.

In April the major search began with an appointment sub-committee set up to find a suitable replacement. 8 weeks later and no suitable permanent replacement has been found and so a temp has been hired, at a cost of over £1,100 a week extra on top of the highest salary, the job was to offer of £88,000 – £102,000. The position will be held for up to 4 months, at a cost of almost £50,000. This may not be a large cost in the grand scheme of a £500 million budget, but this shows the appalling lack of planning in both budgetary and staffing requirements. I think every member of the council who has been involved in this process should hang their heads in shame over the blatant disregard for the residents of York’s money.

The current York council is showing itself to be excellent at making cuts to public services such as bins in the town or community funding all the while splashing the cash on poor planning, paid union staff and the council leaders personal pet project fund.


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