Honesty and Integrity from North Yorkshire Police Chiefs…

North Yorkshire Police has been burdened with dodgy policemen at the very top. In the form of Deputy Chief Constable Adam Briggs and Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell they have shown a blatent disregard for their roles in running the police force and should have been treated with the same disgust as any criminal.

Briggs was allowed an allowance of initially £10,000 per annum to cover the cost of private medical insurance and personal development training You and I would expect that he would use this system to pay for a 24 month contract by ‘Enabling Devlopment’ for £11,750 including VAT but he did not. He just put another claim in from the Police Authority and they paid it willingly.

Not only does this show the dishonesty of Briggs in claiming for expenses, but also the incompetance of the North Yorkshire Police Authority in paying for it.

Maxwell decided that even though a recruitment campaign received between 300,000 – 500,000 calls during the period that he fast tracked two applicants direct to HR through his assitant, rather than going through the proper procedure in a fair manner. The Police Authority were informed of Briggs fastraking a relative and an investigation was started, not once di Maxwell come forward with information that he had also done the same with one of his relatives.

Maxwell in this sense admitted his error at the last minute, however even after his own admission it was Gross Misconduct it was deemed that he did not breach the SPB in respect of ‘honesty and integrity’. The police force must have a different dictionary definition of both honesty and integrity. This resulted in a lesser penalty of a final written warning.

Neither Maxwell or Briggs showed any respect for the uniform they wear and with it as the figurehead of North Yorkshire Police it shows how little they respect their roles. Both men acted dishonestly and with a lack of integrity, rather shameful for the positions they held.

The policemen involved did not help with investigations and as such the costs rose to over £300,000. What respect do they have for the uniform they wore if they are not willing to help with investigations? What respect do they think the public should have when it comes to helping investigations?

The worst part is that the North Yorkshire Police Authority allowed it to happen and still show no remorse. So if North Yorkshire Police Authority is there to hold North Yorkshire Police to account, who is there to keep the Police Authority in check? If they had fully inspect all aspects of the police spending there wouldn’t have been a problem with Briggs and his unaccountability. They should have treated the men with the same respect they showed the force, none. Why would they though? They are equally on the gravy train with North Yorkshire Police Authority and their huge expenses. All I can say is bring on the Police and Crime Commisioner just to get rid of the blatent disregard shown by the Authority over their actions.

The golden handshake is required by law as Maxwell was unable to fulfil his 30 years service, even though the reason he is retiring is because no other person would want a Chief Constable who admitted gross misconduct. It is a stupid system that the police authorties signed up to and urgently needs looking it. It makes a mockery of the criminal justice system if those who are in charge of policing can’t help themselves dipping in the till and fudging recruitment drives; after all that not owning up to their actions.


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