The BBC is great, but what are you doing to help others

The BBC is what makes Britain great. We spend time to invest in the output of the state TV, other countries will generally provide you with a steady stream of mind numbingly boring programmes. The BBC however provides you with great programs and campaigns such as BBC Stargazing, BBC bitesize and pretty much the entire of BBC4. These are all programmes you would never see anywhere else. It also gives a springboard to talent with BBC introducing and BBC three. All these are what develops a nations talent base.

The big problem though is the BBC is all tax payer funded, the TV tax in this case. It seems there has been a shift in modern Britain away from the private sector investing and developing the nation into everyone going cap in hand to the Government and asking for a share of everyone’s money to pay for this.

The industrial revolution saw this with science, technology and engineering throughout the British Empire and made Great Britain the world leader. This started a huge increase in the standards of living for the ordinary worker and the middle classes. Rather than the restrictions held onto by the elected gentry the middle classes were given power and with that came growth. The role of the Government in these times was to improve the standards by legislating against harsh conditions. Many saw this as a step forward with only the minority of people sneering at the suggestion the state could interfere in their business, however possibly too much legislation that came in Under the previous Governments has lead to many stupid rules that go too far and stifle business.

In the end there was such unprecedented growth, this all didn’t come from Government. This came from competition, rivalry, envy and some might say greed. Every person who has that entrepreneurial spirit has to have a certain amount of ‘greed’, by that I don’t mean the Ebenezer Scrooge character taking their wealth. More the likes of Sir Titus Salts and Joseph Rowntree. These people provided for their workers and built communities, there was migration to where jobs were needed, Charity and Philanthropy was created.

There are no shortage of charities in 21st Century Britain, but it seems a lot of companies will donate x amount of pounds a year to look good. We need to look at how businesses growing, thriving and employing helps everyone. These businesses should be doing more to invest in the future of the country.

Philanthropy is a given in the USA and most middle class Americans just accept that they will do some volunteer work to help out in their community. In the UK their has become a dependence on the state to help us, if something isn’t working people are always looking for someone to blame and not how they could change things themselves.

Britain needs to shift its attitudes away from the ‘what can I get’ behaviour to the ‘what can I give’. Individuals, communities and businesses all need to look at how they do their own bit to help develop. An investment in science, technology, engineering or communities is the best way we will see growth in the UK. We need to look less at how the state will spend your time and money to help you and how you will spend it to help others.


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