York Community Stadium… Where is the community aspect?

With all the proposals that have been banded about claiming to be a ‘Community’ stadium for the people. I am yet to actually see a single community stadium project. It seems if you add a library at a sports facility it is suddenly now a ‘community’ stadium. I am not quite sure where this logic comes from.

Maybe I am being a little bit too harsh on the proposal, after all there is the athletics track… Which will be at the University of York Heslington site. So really it is nothing to do with the community stadium. It will just kind of happen at the same time and be in addition to the stadium. So now we have a home for York athletics that instead of being shared by just York athletics clubs it will also be used by all the University sports clubs. Talk about a busy schedule for everyone to try and get to actually use the athletics facilities.

So now we have a stadium project for York City Football Club and York Nights Rugby Club. I bet they are looking forward to that one…well… the Knights have only just got back on board with the Oakgate proposal. After publicly stating they were against the proposals due to lack of community facilities. They are just going to wait and see. After all it seems the Community Stadium is purely a way for York City Football Club to get a new stadium, while trying to get it look like a ‘community’ project and lacking anything of any community value.

With £600,000 allocated to discussion of plans to put a proposal forward. This is staggering, you would never see such waste in the private sector. It does not make economical sense to spend such money on such a project. Personally I would love to see the break down of what exact time has been spent on each item. Maybe an FOI will have to come forward from me to see, although I doubt the council will get a breakdown of what each individual cost is. Just coming under the banner of ‘external consultants’.  We shall wait and see what I get back, although at a cost of £300 for every FOI request is quite expensive. Who knew pressing print was so expensive.

Anyway back to the community aspect, maybe the University site will become the next Community Stadium, with all facilities for grass roots sport. After all this is what the council should be supporting rather than a glitzy new stadium for a commercial enterprise. So instead of all these proposals for the ‘community stadium’ I would love to see a detailed proposal on the actual ‘community sports site’ at Heslington.

  1. Would the University be granting access to all York residents for the current facilities, or will it just be the new ones?
  2. What access will be granted to York residents? Will this be a condition of any planning application
  3. If all the sports facilities will be at the University, maybe the medical training centre should be there too.
  4. What are the exact sports facilities being built at the Heslington site?
  5. Who is funding this? Council? University? Developers? and how much by each

I do hope some of these questions can be answered, after all the current ‘community stadium’ proposal is not really what the title says. It is a shopping development, new stadium for York City and a few council services tagged on into small spare areas.


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