Union Terrace Care Park Defence Continues

This evening saw the Lib Dem Councillor Runciman bring the motion to save union terrace car park to the Labour cabinet in the City of York.

A little bit of history behind this, in June of this year York Press announced that Union Terrace car park was to exist no more as York St. John wanted to buy the site to develop it to their own needs.

Union Terrace car park is one of two city centre locations that has the facilities to allow coaches to park in York. The other being St George’s Fields car park along the riverside. York floods… a lot; St George’s Fields car park is the car park that floods the most in York and so is not the best location in York to host all coach parking facilities in York.

Union Terrace is a vital car park that provides the infrastructure to feed many tourists along Gillygate and into the multitude of independent shops that thrive on tourism. If the Union Terrace car park was to close then Gillygate would lose a huge amount of footfall and ultimately end up with businesses closing. This is not an option for York the City of Tourism.

The Labour council decided that it would listen to ‘voters’ and so brought out of nowhere 5 additional plans for Union Terrace, none of which included not selling the profit making car park. The other options are all to include selling part of the car park off. Which with such a multitude of small businesses that run on low profit margins in the area could be the end of some if not many of those. There are so many issues that are wrong with this quick sale.

  1. The sale price of £3.6million is not a price that takes into consideration the planning permission
  2. There has been no voice stating alternatives, even though the former Rowntrees site is looking for people who want to develop there
  3. There has been no consideration to other offers, purely York St. John University
  4. There has been no impact survey into the jobs lost and local businesses that ultimately could close
  5. The car park that feeds residents and a GP surgery would not have space if University of York was viewed as an example and students would taske up the limited number of car parking spaces if it was to be a partial sale
  6. The petition of over 22,000 signatures of protesters to the sale have been ignored
This is an important issue which could see the life and soul of York, independent shops, forced to close their doors due to not enough passing trade. It has been a rushed motion that came from York St. John approaching the council last year. This intial proposal should have immediately been knocked back and told them to look for other sites, of which there are many available for development right now. It is a shambles that the consultation voted on this evening will not include the saving of the car park. A big mistake by Labour and cabinet.
I really hope that the consultation can take into account of the 22,000 people who do not want this sale to go ahead, after all the public have spoken. However at present I see this as something that was decided ages ago. Legally, they can’t sell the land without it going out to other buyers, but they will…again such as with Derwenthorpe. If this goes ahead it shows the public have no say in how York is run.

4 thoughts on “Union Terrace Care Park Defence Continues

  1. YMUGMike

    I see that details of the five options will be sent to residents and local businesses. Do you happen to know whether people who live outside York will also be able to complete a copy of the form?

  2. YMUGMike

    Well, I managed to complete the survey. It would appear that there are opportunities to be a visitor from outside the area, but you have to leave your name and address for it to be considered.


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