More Support For Apprenticeships…not a rant!

While reading The Press this morning I noticed the headline York Apprenticeship Challenge launched. As someone who campaigned in the local elections to encourage more businesses to take up apprenticeship schemes it is great to see more people joining the cause for apprenticeships.

When I was a teenager I was also an electricians apprentice at York Carriage Works and it has lead me to a great career as an electrician. I know mine is a ‘traditional’ apprentice in a trade, there is no reason why most careers can’t be taught through an apprenticeship scheme. The best way anyone can learn something is to actually do it, a practical application is far better than purely sitting in a classroom day after day and not really seeing the real world applications for what the teacher or lecturer is saying.

The more people who get on this, the better for employment, education and above all society as a whole. I did warn you that this is not a rant or an article that is anyway negative, this does seem to be a common theme recently with me. I think this can only be blamed on my current fitness regime in preparation for my 5km run, which may not sound much but for someone of my build* is a bit of a challenge. Fell free to donate to Yorkshire Cancer Research at my Just giving Page here.

So join the bandwagon and help out with building careers if you are in York with the 100 apprenticeships in 100 days Campaign or even if you are not in York please call 08000 150 600 or visit

*By build I mean a bit overweight and not seen the inside of the gym for 18 months.


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