Ed Milliband for PM….unlikely

It seems Ed Milliband is now almost entirely dependent on being a Union whipping boy. The Labour Party with Ed Milliband is not attracting personal donations, something all political parties need to survive. That is unless you can call on organisations to pay for everything for you. In this day and age it seems obscure that an organisation can take the money from subscriptions of the members and give it to a political party, rather than using it to further the union members needs.

However, this money is not just from members subscriptions. As the Unions have been receiving money from the former Government in the form of the “Employment Relations Act 2004 ” that was a £10 million bung to the unions, for modernisation. There were Foreign Aid payments to the TUC for several million, to education of British trade unionists to support advocacy work within Britain; I am not sure where the Foreign part comes into it. So now we know how the Labour party funded itself primarily. However to build up the rest of the finances they required individual donations.

Since Ed Milliband became leader 87% of the donations to the party have been from the Unions, I guess we can now see where the strikes are emanating from. The Unions are not there to care about their workers and their rights. They have gone back to being the full time political organisation, I am sure if their “donations” from he Government have reduced under the Coalition they will be looking to cause as much trouble as possible with strikes throughout the country. In the hope they can get some more money from the Government…here is the link to the definition of blackmail http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/blackmail

I see it unlikely that Ed Milliband will have the support to become Prime Minister, he is less popular that Gordon Brown from Labour Party members, and that is saying something.


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