Visit to the Big Smoke

This Monday I had arranged a trip to London for work and also arranged to spend a bit of time with Julian Sturdy (MP for York Outer) including a tour of the Houses of Parliament. As someone who has never spent much time anywhere near the home of politics, even though my sister has worked her entire life as a civil servant in most of the offices along Whitehall it seems.

I swear I didn't Touch It!

I must say getting into Portculis house was like entering into a Sauna after a brisk walk through St. James’ Park including avoiding the falling tree in the High Winds and a refreshing cup of tea in the lobby was the best idea.

It was great opportunity to find out what was involved in Julian’s day to day work. This involves the work on the Transport Select Committee as well as his constituency work load. It is certainly different from his career as a Yorkshire farmer. The one thing he said he struggled to come to terms with was the fact he could not know everything that was going on all the time, as there is just too much happening. As someone who is also a business owner I completely understand how you need to know everything that is happening at all times in your work.

Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster

Julian toured me round the key sites of the Palace of Westminster, including the Terrace and Westminster Hall where Obama was due to speak. On the tour we went to see what was being discussed in the House of Commons, it was great to hear Ken Clarke debate with Sadiq Khan over the sentencing “discounts” for those that plead guilty. Ken Clarke is a much more effective debater, even though he has a rather unique style. As Ken Clarke stated due to the last minute nature of the debate, due to the media bandwagon the Labour Opposition were struggling to form a creative and effective argument against the proposals.

It was also great to catch up with my sister and listen to her for a change over her work with something or other to do with Justice as a civil servant.


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