The Future Generations…help required

Youth Mobility is one of the most important things to me, which is why I am a CI in the Air Cadets, it is also one of the reasons I want to give my time as a councillor. I went to a school that provided such great interaction between teachers and pupils on top of a wide selections of activities both in and out of the class, I was not only fortunate to have such an education I have learnt I am a minority. I always felt as though the school was teaching me to be an adult and you progressed through the school to leave as such, however such discipline and moral standing of the teacher seems to have been lost in a lot of schools. I don’t blame the teachers at all, they are constantly restricted on what they can and can’t do or teach, this attitude holds down children’s development as a person as well as their broader education outside of the national curriculum. This is creating a whole gap in the population of people that don’t have the drive and ambition that I had on leaving school, or those that do have great ambitions and don’t want to put in the hours and hours and years of work to attain their target of a super car or whatever it may be.

This is where I see my role as someone who did have the help to grow as a person through school, that then taught me to carry on this through my working life as I started my apprenticeship. I wanted to be an electrician, but I understand that I need to take a lot of steps before i could get there. A friend of mine was recently looking for an apprentice, he had very few applicants and not only that only 2 turned up for an interview. He gave one of those a few days trial to see what he thought of it. He never showed, or got in touch. A similar thing happened with the second man after much calling and texts back and forth he decided rather than be an apprentice he was going to take a 2 week course to become a plasterer and set up his own company, as it can’t be that hard.

It seems people want to miss out on the learning, growth and expertise and jump straight to the top, the instant millionaire from being a ‘celeb’ culture seems to have been born and is instilled in a lot of peoples values.

I hope others want to help me on my little mission of getting people to realise that things have to be done in steps and if you want to be an entrepreneur, such as the dragons, then it takes time and a lot of hard work there are very few people out there who woke up one morning and their business had turned into a large multinational corporation without the effort. I want future generations of businessmen to have that drive that matches their end goals to result in a nation full of small businesses, all wanting to grow.


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