“Election Fever” is over

Conservative Rosette
Since the results have been counted for the York elections and the AV there has been a bit of a lull in my life. I now have spare time again. For the past few months all my spare evenings and weekends have been spent knocking on doors for canvassing and delivering over 18,000 leaflets in Dringhouses & Woodthorpe. I have to say, I have loved every moment of the campaign trail in the ward. The good thing about elections in York is by and far the general good mix of people involved in politics. Everyone’s approach is from a political perspective and unlike some other councils I have seen on my travels no irrelevant pointless mud slinging.

York Conservatives had a good result and it certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile to see 4 new councillors being voted in. The 4 candidates being:

  • Paul Doughty – Strensall
  • Chris Steward – Rural West York
  • George Barton – Wheldrake
  • Anthony Richardson – Haxby & Wiggington

It should be an interesting few years at the City of York council, due to the Lib Dems being reduced from their top spot to 3rd with only 8 councillors. Conservatives in York are excited to be in the position of opposition for the Labour majority in the council. I am looking forward to seeing how we can work on the progress of increasing the number of councillors from 10 in the next elections. I am disappointed that I didn’t get elected, but I will be around and getting prepared for the next elections.

Good luck to all the councillors throughout the City who will be starting their new roles in the City of York Council.

The number of people who are involved in all the campaigns across the city from the candidates, leaflet deliverers, drivers, tellers and those who pledge their support; all have a vital role in every election and each candidate could not do this on their own. I for one would like to thank every single person who has helped me on this election. Pretty sure every other candidate will have to agree with me on this one too and thank all those who helped them. It really has been fun and everyone loves the 6 months of leg work. Roll on 2015.

A big success to the No campaign on the refernedum, no need to discuss it. The public have spoken.


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