No To AV…who really cares?

Something I have noticed in Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward while campaigning is I am yet to find anyone who is truly bothered with the referendum. To say a nationwide referendum is required on the Alternative Vote is merely a money wasting exercise to keep the Lib Dems happy. On twitter there seems to be a vocal few from both sides of the argument, all political activists. As for the general public I am yet to meet anyone who wants the voting system changed, let alone care enough to discuss it.

In my eyes a referendum is a pretty major event and not only costly, but time consuming. The last UK wide referendum was to see if the public wanted to remain in the EEC, which I consider to be a reasonably major issue. Then it was promised we would get a referendum in 2004 with regards to the European Constitution, however if you make some minor changes and rename it a Treaty it seems you don’t need public approval.

So what we have is a UK wide referendum on an issue that no one really cares about, even Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems don’t want AV. They see this as a stepping stone towards Proportional Representation, does this really need a referendum to decide if this half baked solution is a good way to elect a representative for your community.

If AV does get selected to be used, then we also have another issue. How long before the next referendum on the electoral system? The next coalition Government?

I will be voting No to AV, I hope others will make the effort to stop this waste of a referendum.
No to AV


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