Opposition to the Wind Farm Plans near Copmanthorpe

The opposition to the planned installation of 5 wind turbines at 475ft (144m) each. A group of concerned residents have created the Copmanthorpe Wind Farm Action Group in an attempt kibosh on the development by Banks Renewables. The group will be holding a meeting on Friday, April 8, at 7.30pm at Copmanthorpe Methodist Church. If you would like to find out more about the group or would like to help then please get in touch at info@copmanthorpewindfarm.co.uk.

If York was an industrialised are with tower blocks and high rise buildings then an addition would not alter the skyline. However York, is a flatland site. People like the aspect that York Minster is the highest point in the area and stands out to visitors. These are going to be the biggest land based wind turbines in the country. When a company has to state if it gets planning permission it will then fund a community benefits scheme. This is not how philanthropy works, it is not meant to be a “bung” to the community so they can get support for whatever sector they want to pump money into.

There is a shortage of energy in the UK, which is increasing annually as population and technologies grow throughout the United Kingdom. There is also the other issue of older power stations being retired from service investing vast sums of money in wind power is a “no-brainer” and not in a positive way.

This is power that we have to pay extra for as discussed in Andrew Neils Blog this week Click Here to read about the details on what is subsidised by the EU Renewables Obligation. So when all other energy costs are high, they are further increase by this “cheaper and greener” alternative.


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