Certainly not photogenic

After last weeks photo shoot with the 3 of us, I can’t see us becoming models any time soon. As you can see. However people can now see who I am. All for the flyers for the campaign to be elected as councillor for Dringhouses & Woodthorpe, so they are worthwhile. I must say a big thank you to Robert for attempting to make us look good, an excellent photographer. Check him out at http://www.nemetiphotos.com/

I have had an unbelievably busy 7 days with working on the website to add some new features to www.frenchlodges.com including a forum. There has and continues to be some great work by those people in the background who rarely get a mention so this is to Simon Cruse, Steve Kitchen, Phil Lazenby and Heidi Tomlin. A big thank you for the hard work, long and awkward hours. I will keep you posted as to when we get all the updates online.

I have just been reading about a report that is produced about Yearsley swimming baths. I think the council have missed a trick here. Yearsley pool is right next door to the Nestle factory, at a time when the factory is wanting planning and expanding ventures; it could be put to them about heating the pool.  I would like to point out, this is just a random thought and not something I have thought about properly, but in times of austerity sometimes an idea like this can pay off.


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