A Whole New Experience.

That was an interesting weekend. This is the first show of http://www.frenchlodges.com and the first show I have done with the general public. Which was a big difference to the Engineering and Trade shows I have been to in the past. There were some really interesting people coming to see us to discuss the Midi-Pyrenees and lodges, there were a also quite a few coming to see just the girls and the drink the free wine. If that is what it takes to attract people to the stand and it means we got to meet some really great people who are interested, then I think that is a success.

With 4000 people through the door the Daily Telegraph Holiday and Travel Show 2011 was in my eyes a great show for all involved, apart from the girl on the Tunisia stand who had a particularly hard time due to the recent news of rioting, tanks, looting, etc. That does make it a bit of a hard sell really.

A big thank you to Dave and John who were with me at the show to help with the details. Also the 2 promo girls, Gabrielle & Karen, were fantastic and look forward to working with them again.

Monday saw me being referred to as a Constipated dog while I was having my photo taken for the York Conservatives promo material. I find it so difficult to fake a smile, much easier to do it naturally. I can’t see me being a model anytime soon, not that my smile was the only limiting factor.  I will save you from those photos until next week.


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