It’s showtime….

Well my website in it’s infant state is at so please go check it out and let’s see what you think. It will constantly be changing as time goes on. That was a big step for me for the show.

This weekend we are launching properly at the Daily Telegraph Holiday & Travel Show at Manchester Central, I never knew GMEX decided to change it’s name. It is all a bit nervous as I am still waiting for my Plastic bags, pens, leaflets, brochures. Although the posters and wine are here. They should all be arriving today.

It certainly hasn’t been the easiest to try and get everything designed and set up  on such a short timescale, but I love the stress. I don’t think my OH really appreciates me crawling into bed from the office at 4 in the morning though.

Please come visit if you get the chance at stand 323 this weekend (14th-16th January) and grab a free wine sample. Or maybe even talk about the business of French Lodges.

On an F1 note, on 58 days until FP1 of Bahrain!


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