Happy New Year

Well I hope everyone had as good a New Years and Christmas as I did.

As this is my first blog and an introduction of 2011 I thought I would write a little about what I have coming up in the next few months and beyond. Also please don’t expect any entries for the Pulitzer Prize, I am not gifted with the written word. So please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes.

Politically I am a Conservative and I am running as Conservative Councillor for Dringhouses & Woodthorpe in York. So I would expect to be very busy in the next few months campaigning and canvassing throughout the area. I also will be attending a few Conservative events and also hoping to help set up the CF in York and introducing not only conservative politics to the youth of York, but just politics in general. I do hope to get the other political parties on board for a regular get together for those under 30. I also maintain the York Conservatives facebook page, which really needs more members. So come along and discuss.

As for work, well I am an Industrial Electrical Engineer which I do enjoy. However that is taking a step back for the time being as I launch my new business French Lodges, which will be at the Daily Telegraph Holiday & Travel Show next week for the official launch. Which is rather less dramatic than the launching of the Cunard by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, thought I would give her her full title in case she is reading.

I wont bore you with further details of everything, but the highlight of today was the arrival of my roller banner. Tiny things, tiny minds and all that jazz…


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